Serious Cash affiliate program was created to fixate the success and develop beneficial relations with webmasters willing to share our profits. Serious Cash's principal is to provide to our affiliates everything they need for a better promotion and, of course, the highest conversion in the teen niche.
We offer a variety of online technical and sales assistance for all our webmasters.
Please click here if you are experiencing any technical problems with the program, or if you wish to be contacted by our webmaster support specialist. You can get live support via ICQ (#487936965 or #372796701).
Registered webmasters can ask their questions through our innovative ticket system.
Serious Cash DOESN'T ACCEPT Unsolicited Bulk Email (SPAM}. Any Affiliate Webmaster that is found to be using it to promote our program will be terminated from the program. No commissions will be paid to such an affiliate. For a detailed info see our E-mail Policy.
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